"I saw him even now going the way of all flesh, that is to say towards the kitchen."

John Webster
(12/18/1580 – ??/??/1632)
English writer ("The White Devil")
Christina Augusta "There is a star above us which unites souls of the first order, though worlds and ages separate them."

Queen Christina
(12/08/1626 – 04/19/1689)
Swedish royalty
George Denison Prentice "A pin has as much head as some authors and a good deal more point."

George D. Prentice
(12/18/1802 – 01/22/1870)
US writer ("Prenticeana, or Wit and Humor in Paragraphs")
"Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant; there is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks."

Johann Gottfried von Herder
(08/25/1744 – 12/18/1803)
German philosopher ("Ideas on the Philosophy of the History of Mankind")
Samuel Rogers "It doesn't much signify whom one marries, for one is sure to find next morning that it was someone else."

Samuel Rogers
(07/30/1763 – 12/18/1855)
English writer ("The Pleasures of Memory")
Hector Hugh Munro "I always say beauty is only sin deep."

(12/18/1870 – 11/14/1916)
Scottish writer ("The Westminster Alice")
Joseph Stalin "A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic."

Joseph Stalin
(12/18/1878 – 03/05/1953)
Russian leader
(father of Svetlana Alliluyeva)
Paul Klee "A single day is enough to make us a little larger or, another time, a little smaller."

Paul Klee
(12/18/1879 – 06/29/1940)
Swiss artist ("Die Zwitscher-Maschine (Twittering Machine)")
Tyrus Raymond Cobb "When I began playing the game, baseball was about as gentlemanly as a kick in the crotch."

Ty Cobb
(12/18/1886 – 07/17/1961)
US baseball player
"If you elect a matinee idol mayor, you're going to have a musical comedy administration."

Robert Moses
(12/18/1888 – 07/29/1981)
US administrator (NYC) ("Public Works: A Dangerous Trade")
"Manifold subsequent experience has led to a truer appreciation and a more moderate estimate of the importance of the dependence of one living being upon another."

Richard Owen
(07/20/1804 – 12/18/1892)
English zoologist ("Memoir on the Pearly Nautilus")
Arthur Hammond Harris "What, after all, is a halo? It's only one more thing to keep clean."

Christopher Fry
(12/18/1907 – 06/30/2005)
English writer ("The Lady's Not for Burning")
Alfred Bester "And the bartender says to Rene Descartes, 'Another beer?' And Descartes says, 'I think not,' and disappears."

Alfred Bester
(12/18/1913 – 09/30/1987)
US writer ("The Demolished Man")
Elizabeth Ruth Grable "There are two reasons why I am successful in show business and I am standing on both of them."

Betty Grable
(12/18/1916 – 07/02/1973)
US actor ("How to Marry a Millionaire")
Raiford Chatman Davis "Struggle is strengthening. Battling with evil gives us the power to battle evil even more."

Ossie Davis
(12/18/1917 – 02/04/2005)
US actor, playwright, activist ("Do the Right Thing")
(was married to Ruby Dee)
"Except that right-side-up is best, there is not much to learn about holding a baby."

Heywood C. Broun
(12/07/1888 – 12/18/1939)
US writer ("Christians Only: A Study in Prejudice")
(father of Heywood Hale Broun)
Keith Richards "Passing the vodka bottle. And playing the guitar."

Keith Richards
(12/18/1943 – )
English guitarist (Rolling Stones, duh!) ("Midnight Rambler") , on how he keeps fit
(married to Patti Hansen, relationship with Anita Pallenberg)
Bobby Keys "It doesn't matter how many times I've played 'Brown Sugar', I never get tired of playing it."

Bobby Keys
(12/18/1943 – 12/02/2014)
US saxophonist) ("Can't You Hear Me Knocking")
Steven Spielberg "I dream for a living."

Steven Spielberg
(12/18/1946 – )
US filmmaker ("Schindler's List")
(married to Kate Capshaw; was married to Amy Irving)
Ray Liotta "It would be nice to do a movie where I didn't have to choke the girl to get her."

Ray Liotta
(12/18/1954 – )
US actor ("Goodfellas")
Brad Pitt "Heartthrobs are a dime a dozen."

Brad Pitt
(12/18/1963 – )
US actor ("Once Upon a Time in Hollywood")
(was married to Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie)
Bobby Tyre Jones "Some people think they are concentrating when they're merely worrying."

Bobby Tyre Jones
(03/17/1902 – 12/18/1971)
US golfer
"Write out of love, write out of instinct, write out of reason. But always for money."

Louis Untermeyer
(10/01/1885 – 12/18/1977)
US writer ("The Kitten Who Barked")
Katie Holmes "It's kind of fun being the cute, little one. In fact, I'm finding it hard to grow out of that."

Katie Holmes
(12/18/1978 – )
US actor ("Pieces of April")
(was married to Tom Cruise)
Christina Aguilera "It's funny how society places such strict standards upon young blonde females. We're supposed to play the clean-cut view the public wants of us. But I am not your little cookie-cutter virgin."

Christina Aguilera
(12/18/1980 – )
US singer ("Candyman")
Christopher Crosby Farley "Basically, I only play one character; I just play him at different volumes."

Chris Farley
(02/15/1964 – 12/18/1997)
US comic, actor (SNL)
Majel Leigh Hudec "If you took those early Star Treks that we did and put us in a western wardrobe and put us on wagon train going west, we can say the same lines."

Majel Barrett
(02/23/1932 – 12/18/2008)
US actor ("Star Trek")
(was married to Gene Roddenberry)
Vaclav Havel "Anyone who takes himself too seriously always runs the risk of looking ridiculous; anyone who can consistently laugh at himself does not."

Vaclav Havel
(10/05/1936 – 12/18/2011)
Czech President ("The Garden Party")
Sári Gábor "I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man, I keep his house."

Zsa Zsa Gabor
(02/06/1917 – 12/18/2016)
Hungarian celebrity-because-a-celebrity
(sister of Eva; was married to Conrad Hilton and eight others)