Colley Cibber "We shall find no fiend in hell can match the fury of a disappointed woman—scorned, slighted, dismissed without a parting pang."

Colley Cibber
(11/06/1671 – 12/11/1757)
English actor, playwright
"Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it, anything but live for it."

Charles Caleb Colton
(12/11/1777 – 04/28/1832)
English writer
Hector Berlioz "Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils."

Hector Berlioz
(12/11/1803 – 03/08/1869)
French composer
Alfred de Musset "How glorious it is—and also how painful—to be an exception."

Alfred de Musset
(12/11/1810 – 05/02/1857)
French writer
Ellen Karolina Sofia Key "When one paints an ideal, one does not need to limit one's imagination."

Ellen Key
(12/11/1849 – 04/25/1926)
Swedish writer
Max Born "The belief that there is only one truth and that oneself is in possession of it seems to me the deepest root of all evil that is in the world."

Max Born
(12/11/1882 – 01/05/1970)
German physicist
Fiorello La Guardia "There is no Democratic or Republican way of cleaning the streets."

Fiorello La Guardia
(12/11/1882 – 09/20/1947)
US mayor (NYC)
Naguib Mahfouz "Happy is he who can give himself up."

Naguib Mahfouz
(12/11/1911 – 08/30/2006)
Egyptian writer
"In our country, the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State."

Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn
(12/11/1918 – 08/03/2008)
Russian writer
Olive Schreiner "Finishing schools are nicely adapted machines for experimenting on the question, 'Into how little space a human being can be crushed?' I have seen some souls so compressed that they would have fitted into a small thimble, and found room to move."

Olive Schreiner
(03/24/1855 – 12/11/1920)
South African writer
Grace Goodside Paley "Rosiness is not a worse windowpane than gloomy gray when viewing the world."

Grace Paley
(12/11/1922 – 08/22/2007)
US writer
Rosita Dolores Alverio "Bigger than life is not difficult for me. I am bigger than life."

Rita Moreno
(12/11/1931 – )
Puerto Rican actor, first to win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony (EGOT)
"Jesus was a crackpot."

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
(12/11/1931 – 01/19/1990)
Indian spiritual leader
John Kerry "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?"

John Kerry
(12/11/1943 – )
US senator (MA) , on slow withdrawal of troops from Vietnam
Terry Ann Garr "I've always had this American-pie face that would get work in commercials... I'd say things like 'Hi Marge, how's your laundry?' and 'Hi, I'm a real nice Georgia peach'. Sometimes this work is one step above being a cocktail waitress."

Teri Garr
(12/11/1944 – )
US actor
Christina Onassis "Rich girls need it, too."

Christina Onassis
(12/11/1950 – 11/19/1988)
US rich girl (daughter of Aristotle Onassis)
Frank Carlton Serafino Ferranna "I hate things that are diluted—I mean, you don't mix Jack Daniel's with Coke. That's a sin!"

Nikki Sixx
(12/11/1958 – )
US bassist (Mötley Crue) (also see Tommy Lee)
Alma Schindler Mahler Gropius Werfel "The three years with him were a single, intense battle of love. Never before have I tasted so much strain, so much hell, so much paradise."

Alma Schindler Mahler Gropius Werfel
(08/31/1879 – 12/11/1964)
Austrian writer (was married to Gustav Mahler, Walter Gropius, and Franz Werfel; had affairs with Oskar Kokoschka, Gustav Klimt, Arnold Schoenberg, Gerhart Hauptman, Alban Berg, Enrico Caruso, Alexander Zemlinksy, Johannes Hollnsteiner, among others) , on her time with Kokoschka
"German is the most extravagantly ugly language—it sounds like someone using a sick bag on a 747." *

Willy Rushton
(08/18/1937 – 12/11/1996)
English comedian