"There is a time for all things—except marriage, my dear."

Thomas Chatterton
(11/20/1752 – 08/24/1770)
English writer ("Poems Supposed to Have Been Written at Bristol by Thomas Rowley and Others in the Fifteenth Century")
Norman Mattoon Thomas "If you want a symbolic gesture, don't burn the flag, wash it."

Norman Thomas
(11/20/1884 – 12/19/1968)
US social reformer ("Why I Am a Socialist")
Alfred Cooke "A professional is a person who can do his best at a time when he doesn't particularly feel like it."

Alistair Cooke
(11/20/1908 – 03/30/2004)
English cultural commentator ("America: A Personal History of the United States")
Lev Nikolgevich Tolstoy "Boredom: the desire for desires."

Leo Tolstoy
(09/09/1828 – 11/20/1910)
Russian writer ("Anna Karenina")
Evelyn Keyes "I always took up with the man of the moment—and there were many such moments."

Evelyn Keyes
(11/20/1916 – 07/04/2008)
US actor ("Mrs. Mike")
(was married to Charles Vidor, John Huston, and Artie Shaw; partner with Michael Todd)
"You drive for show, but putt for dough."

Bobby Locke
(11/20/1917 – 03/09/1987)
S. African golfer
Frances Elizabeth Kent "Get picked while you're fresh as dew. Bubble in Hunt's seven spices until you're bursting with flower. Sparkle and shine in a bright new bottle, until some smart hamburger teams up with you. Then people will never forget you. You'll be ketchup with the big tomato taste. Hunts."

Sister Corita Kent
(11/20/1918 – 09/18/1986)
US artist ("Damn Everything but the Circus")
Nadine Gordimer "Truth isn't always beauty, but the hunger for it is."

Nadine Gordimer
(11/20/1923 – 07/13/2014)
S. African writer ("July's People")
Robert Francis Kennedy "One-fifth of the people are against everything all of the time."

Robert F. Kennedy
(11/20/1925 – 06/06/1968)
US royalty
(son of Rose and Joseph P., brother of John and Ted Kennedy)
"Reading is not a duty, and has consequently no business to be made disagreeable."

Augustine Birrell
(01/19/1850 – 11/20/1933)
English politician, scholar ("Things Past Redress")
Raymond Walter Apple "Some of our best journalists take themselves even more seriously than the politicians they write about."

R. W. "Johnny" Apple
(11/20/1934 – 10/04/2006)
US journalist ("Far Flung and Well Fed: The Food Writing of R.W. Apple Jr.")
Stephen Quincy or 'Eskew' Reeder, Jr. "I was in Dallas with my backup band and a beautician, and a white woman done fainted! She looked at me and said 'Lawdy', and down she went. I asked 'How come she fainted? I don't look that bad, do I?' and they said 'Esquerita, it's the first time they've seen anything like you.'" *

(11/20/1935 – 10/23/1986)
US singer ("Believe Me When I Say Rock´n´Roll is Here to Stay")
"Californians invented the concept of life-style. This alone warrants their doom."

Don Delillo
(11/20/1936 – )
US writer ("White Noise")
Joseph Biden "If you need more than ten rounds to hunt, and some argue they hunt with that many rounds, you shouldn't be hunting. If you can't get the deer in three shots, you shouldn't be hunting. You are an embarrassment."

Joe Biden
(11/20/1942 – )
US President (46), VP (47)
(husband of Jill Biden)
Duane Allman "Just rock on, and have you a good time."

Duane Allman
(11/20/1946 – 10/29/1971)
US musician ("Whipping Post") , advice
(brother of Gregg Allman)
Joe Walsh "The most terrifying thing that ever happened to me was that Keith Moon decided he liked me."

Joe Walsh
(11/20/1947 – )
US musician (James Gang, Eagles) ("Walk Away")
Mary Cathleen Collins "Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping."

Bo Derek
(11/20/1956 – )
US actor ("10")
(was married to John Derek)
Mary Sean Young "It's a great little book."

Sean Young
(11/20/1959 – )
US actor ("Blade Runner") , on the Bible
Allan Copelon "I was having trouble making ends meet, and my beginnings weren't meeting either."

Allan Sherman
(11/30/1924 – 11/20/1973)
US comic ("Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh")
Robert Altman "I fiddle in the corner where they throw the coins. Where I can get my work done."

Robert Altman
(02/20/1925 – 11/20/2006)
US film director ("Nashville")
"To me gender is not physical at all, but is altogether insubstantial. It is soul, perhaps, it is talent, it is taste, it is environment, it is how one feels, it is light and shade, it is inner music..."

Jan Morris
(10/02/1926 – 11/20/2020)
Welsh writer ("Last Letters from Hav")