Elizabeth Cady Stanton "As long as women are slaves, men will be knaves."

Elizabeth Cady Stanton
(11/12/1815 – 10/26/1902)
US feminist
Auguste Rodin's Thinker "Nobody does good to man with impunity."

Auguste Rodin
(11/12/1840 – 11/17/1917)
French sculptor
(died near his birthday)
Elizabeth Gaskell "Sometimes one likes foolish people for their folly, better than wise people for their wisdom."

Elizabeth Gaskell
(09/29/1810 – 11/12/1865)
English writer
"We're all eccentrics. We're nine prima donnas."

Harry A. Blackmun
(11/12/1908 – 03/04/1999)
US Supreme Court justice , on the Supreme Court
"Literature is without proofs. By which it must be understood that it cannot prove, not only what it says, but even that it is worth the trouble of saying it."

Roland Barthes
(11/12/1915 – 03/26/1980)
French critic ("Writing Degree Zero")
Janet Cole "Both Roddy and I were smokers. The producer, Arthur Jacobs, had long-stemmed cigarette holders made for everyone so we could smoke with the make-up on."

Kim Hunter
(11/12/1922 – 09/11/2002)
US actor , on wearing ape makeup
Grace Kelly "The freedom of the press works in such a way that there is not much freedom from it."

Grace Kelly
(11/12/1929 – 09/14/1982)
US actor
No Name Maddox "Years ago it meant something to be crazy; now everybody's crazy."

Charles Manson
(11/12/1934 – 11/19/2017)
(died near his birthday)
Al Michaels "But we're not supposed to talk anything besides football."

Al Michaels
(11/12/1944 – )
US sports commentator
Neil Young "Remember when you used to watch TV in the Sixties and you'd see Perry Como in a cashmere sweater? That's what rock'n'roll is becoming. It's your parents' music."

Neil Young
(11/12/1945 – )
Canadian singer-songwriter
(Buffalo Springfield, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young; LTR and a son Zeke with Carrie Snodgress; married to Daryl Hannah)
Samuel Sosa Peralta "I'm not keeping track, but the record is there for someone to break."

Sammy Sosa
(11/12/1968 – )
Dominican baseball player , hit 66 home runs in the 1998 season
William Franklin Beedle Jr. "I don't really know why, but danger has always been an important thing in my life—to see how far I could lean without falling, how fast I could go without cracking up."

William Holden
(04/17/1918 – 11/12/1981)
US actor ("Stalag 17")
Dolores Ibarruri "It is better to be the widow of a hero than the wife of a coward."

Dolores Ibarruri
(12/09/1895 – 11/12/1989)
Spanish communist leader
Harry Robbins Haldeman "Every president needs an SOB—and I'm Nixon's"

H. R. Haldeman
(10/27/1926 – 11/12/1993)
US presidential staffer, Watergate co-conspirator
Jill Tweedie "Men, I feel, are like wine—before buying, a real connoisseur takes a small sip, and spits them out."

Jill Tweedie
(05/22/1936 – 11/12/1993)
British writer ("Eating Children")
Wilma Rudolph "What do you do after you are world-famous and nineteen or twenty and you have sat with prime ministers, kings and queens, the Pope? Do you go back home and take a job? What do you do to keep your sanity? You come back to the real world."

Wilma Rudolph
(06/23/1940 – 11/12/1994)
US Olympic sprinter
Marianna Dorothy Agnes Letitia McNulty "Women are really leaders. A lot of them don't even know they are leaders. But they are."

Penny Singleton
(09/15/1908 – 11/12/2003)
US actor
("Blondie" films)
"And what is more, I agree with everything I have just said." *

Piet Koornhof
(08/02/1925 – 11/12/2007)
S. African politician
John Graham Mitchell "You don't build yourself up by putting someone else down."

Mitch Mitchell
(07/09/1946 – 11/12/2008)
English drummer (Jimi Hendrix Experience)
Mary Elizabeth Smith "No matter who you are or what you plan to do in life, learn to type!"

Liz Smith
(02/02/1923 – 11/12/2017)
US journalist ("Natural Blonde")