Walter Raleigh "All men are evil and will declare themselves to be so when occasion is offered."

Sir Walter Raleigh
(01/22/1552? – 10/29/1618)
English explorer
James Boswell "[Edward] Gibbon is an ugly, affected, disgusting fellow and poisons our literary club for me. I class him among infidel wasps and venomous insects."

James Boswell
(10/29/1740 – 05/19/1795)
Scottish biographer
Marie of Romania "Fashion exists for women with no taste, etiquette for people with no breeding."

Queen Marie of Romania
(10/29/1875 – 07/18/1938)
Romanian royalty (granddaughter of Queen Victoria)
Anzia Yezierska "Was she so loved because her eyes were so beautiful, or were her eyes so beautiful because she was so loved?"

Anzia Yezierska
(10/29/1880 – 11/21/1970)
Polish-US writer
"The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you've got it made."

Jean Giraudoux
(10/29/1882 – 01/31/1944)
French writer
Fania Borach "Wet she’s a star. Dry she ain’t."

Fanny Brice
(10/29/1891 – 05/29/1951)
US actor , on Esther Williams
Henry George "There is danger in reckless change, but greater danger in blind conservatism."

Henry George
(09/02/1839 – 10/29/1897)
US economist
Paul Joseph Goebbels "If the day should ever come when we [the Nazis] must go, if some day we are compelled to leave the scene of history, we will slam the door so hard that the universe will shake and mankind will stand back in stupefaction."

Paul Joseph Goebbels
(10/29/1897 – 05/01/1945)
German propagandist
Joseph Pulitzer "There is room in this great and growing city for a journal that is not only cheap but bright, not only bright but large, not only large but truly democratic... that will expose all fraud and sham; fight all public evils and abuses; that will serve and battle for the people with earnest sincerity."

Joseph Pulitzer
(04/10/1847 – 10/29/1911)
Hungarian journalist and prize , on assuming proprietorship of the New York World
William Henry Mauldin "I feel like a fugitive from the law of averages."

William H. Mauldin
(10/29/1921 – 01/22/2003)
US cartoonist
John Haley Sims "I practice when I'm loaded."

Zoot Sims
(10/29/1925 – 03/23/1985)
US saxophonist , when asked how he could play so well when he was loaded
Peter Allen Greenbaum "The blues—it's kind of like a religion, really."

Peter Green
(10/29/1946 – 07/25/2020)
English singer, songwriter, guitarist (Fleetwood Mac)
Richard Dreyfuss "People who commit adultery must die. Everyone knows that. Any movie tells you that!"

Richard Dreyfuss
(10/29/1947 – )
US actor
Eliezer Meir "You know how I'm smart? I got people around me who know more than I do."

Louis B. Mayer
(07/12/1884 – 10/29/1957)
Ukraine-born US producer
Adolphe Menjou "It was my mustache that landed jobs for me. In those silent-film days it was the mark of a villain. When I realized they had me pegged as a foreign nobleman type I began to live the part too. I bought a pair of white spats, an ascot tie and a walking stick."

Adolphe Menjou
(02/18/1890 – 10/29/1963)
US actor
Duane Allman "Rock was born in the South, so saying 'Southern rock' is like saying 'rock rock.'"

Duane Allman
(11/20/1946 – 10/29/1971)
US musician (brother of Gregg Allman)
Winona Laura Horowitz "I don't use the Internet, but apparently you can find out everything on it."

Winona Ryder
(10/29/1971 – )
US actor (from Petaluma, CA)