Samuel Johnson "Your manuscript is both good and original, but the part that is good is not original and the part that is original is not good."

Dr. Samuel Johnson
(09/18/1709 – 12/13/1784)
English writer, lexicographer ("A Dictionary of the English Language")
Matthew Prior "Cured yesterday of my disease, I died last night of my physician."

Matthew Prior
(07/21/1664 – 09/18/1721)
English writer ("Alma; or, The Progress of the Mind")
Joseph Story "How easily men satisfy themselves that the Constitution is exactly what they wish it to be."

Joseph Story
(09/18/1779 – 09/10/1845)
US Supreme Court justice
"Mathematicians have tried in vain to this day to discover some order in the sequence of prime numbers, and we have reason to believe that it is a mystery into which the human mind will never penetrate."

Leonhard Euler
(04/15/1707 – 09/18/1783)
Swiss mathematician ("Mechanica")
William Hazlitt "Anyone who has passed through the regular gradations of a classical education, and is not made a fool by it, may consider himself as having had a very narrow escape."

William Hazlitt
(04/10/1778 – 09/18/1830)
English writer ("Table-Talk")
Gerald Hugh Tyrwhitt-Wilson "He's always backing into the limelight."

Lord Berners
(09/18/1883 – 04/19/1950)
English composer ("The Girls of Radcliff Hall") , on T. E. Lawrence
George MacDonald "When we are out of sympathy with the young, then I think our work in this world is over."

George MacDonald
(12/10/1824 – 09/18/1905)
Scottish writer, minister ("Phantastes")
Agnes de Mille "...then I did the simplest thing in the world. I leaned down... and kissed him. And the world cracked open."

Agnes de Mille
(09/18/1905 – 10/07/1993)
US dancer, choreographer ("Dance to the Piper")
(niece of Cecil B. de Mille)
Greta Lovisa Gustafsson "Is there anything better than to be longing for something, when you know it is within reach?"

Greta Garbo
(09/18/1905 – 04/15/1990)
Swedish actor ("Anna Christie")
"The propriety of some persons seems to consist in having improper thoughts about their neighbors."

Francis H. Bradley
(01/30/1846 – 09/18/1924)
English philosopher ("Appearance and Reality")
(same dates as Gelett Burgess)
Fred Willard "A great director is someone who makes you feel like you're moving forward."

Fred Willard
(09/18/1933 – 05/15/2020)
US comic actor ("Fernwood 2 Night")
"You gotta live somewhere."

Jimmy Brogan
(09/18/1948 – )
US comic, actor , suggested motto for Cleveland
Frank Gelett Burgess "To appreciate nonsense requires a serious interest in life."

Gelett Burgess
(01/30/1866 – 09/18/1951)
US writer ("Goops" books)
(same dates as Francis H. Bradley)
Douglas Glenn Colvin "I'd like to congratulate myself, and thank myself, and give myself a big pat on the back. Thank you, Dee Dee, you're very wonderful."

Dee Dee Ramone
(09/18/1951 – 06/05/2002)
US bassist (Ramones) , on induction into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame
Dag Hammarskjöld "The myths have always condemned those who 'looked back.' Condemned them, whatever the paradise may have been which they were leaving. Hence this shadow over each departure from your decision."

Dag Hammarskjöld
(07/29/1905 – 09/18/1961)
Swedish diplomat
James Gandolfini "I'm a neurotic mess. I'm really basically just like a 260-pound Woody Allen."

James Gandolfini
(09/18/1961 – 06/19/2013)
US actor ("The Sopranos")
Seán O'Casey "When one has reached 81... one likes to sit back and let the world turn by itself, without trying to push it."

Seán O'Casey
(03/30/1880 – 09/18/1964)
Irish writer ("The Plough and the Stars")
James Frank Dobie "I rate censors, particularly those of church and state, as low as I rate character assassins; they often run together."

J. Frank Dobie
(09/26/1888 – 09/18/1964)
US writer ("Coronado's Children")
Stanislaus Pascal Franchot Tone "I think it's a cheap way to gain publicity to try to do it on the strength of a friendship with someone who happens to have a big name."

Franchot Tone
(02/27/1905 – 09/18/1968)
US actor ("Mutiny on the Bounty") , on tabloid reporting of his relationship with Crawford
(was married to Joan Crawford)
Johnny Allen Hendrix "It's funny the way most people love the dead. Once you're dead, you're made for life."

Jimi Hendrix
(11/27/1942 – 09/18/1970)
US guitarist, singer, songwriter (Jimi Hendrix Experience) ("Woodstock Improv/Villanova Junction")
Daniel Jason Sudeikis "It's fun to play the type of people you dislike."

Jason Sudeikis
(09/18/1975 – )
US comic, actor (SNL) ("Ted Lasso")
(nephew of George Wendt; LTR with Olivia Wilde)
Katherine Anne Porter "Most people won't realize that writing is a craft. You have to take your apprenticeship in it like anything else."

Katherine Anne Porter
(05/15/1890 – 09/18/1980)
US writer ("Pale Horse, Pale Rider")
Frances Elizabeth Kent "Flowers grow out of dark moments."

Sister Corita Kent
(11/20/1918 – 09/18/1986)
US artist ("Damn Everything but the Circus")
Russ Meyer "The girls kick the hell out of the guys. I've always played well at the Ivy League...Cornell, Dartmouth. I have never encountered a berating woman."

Russ Meyer
(03/21/1922 – 09/18/2004)
US director ("Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!") , on the success of his movies with women
"The Open Road goes to the used-car lot."

Louis Simpson
(03/27/1923 – 09/18/2012)
Jamaican-US writer ("At the End of the Open Road")
Joan Ruth Bader "A gender line... helps to keep women not on a pedestal, but in a cage."

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
(03/15/1933 – 09/18/2020)
US Supreme Court justice