Edward Coke "Those who consent to the act and those who do it shall be equally punished."

Sir Edward Coke
(02/01/1552 – 09/03/1634)
English jurist ("Institutes of the Lawes of England")
Oliver Cromwell "No one rises so high as he who knows not whither he is going."

Lord Oliver Cromwell
(04/25/1599 – 09/03/1658)
English Lord Protector
Theodora Sarah Orne Jewett "Tact is after all a kind of mind reading."

Sarah Orne Jewett
(09/03/1849 – 06/24/1909)
US writer ("Old Friends and New")
Ivan Turgenev "Most people can't understand how others can blow their noses differently than they do."

Ivan Turgenev
(11/09/1818 – 09/03/1883)
Russian writer ("Fathers and Sons")
Loren Eiseley "It is frequently the tragedy of the great artist, as it is of the great scientist, that he frightens the ordinary man."

Loren Eiseley
(09/03/1907 – 07/09/1977)
US writer ("The Immense Journey")
Alan Ladd "Working with [Sophia Loren] is like being bombarded by watermelons."

Alan Ladd
(09/03/1913 – 01/29/1964)
US actor ("The Blue Dahlia")
Burt Kennedy "My theory has always been to write a real small story against a big background."

Burt Kennedy
(09/03/1922 – 02/15/2001)
US screenwriter ("Support Your Local Gunfighter") , on making westerns (shown with John Wayne)
Addison Morton Walker "Seven days without laughter makes one weak."

Mort Walker
(09/03/1923 – 01/27/2018)
US cartoonist ("Beetle Bailey")
edward estlin cummings "I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing than to teach ten thousand stars how not to dance."

e. e. cummings
(10/14/1894 – 09/03/1962)
u. s. poet ("No Thanks")
Carlos Irwin Estevez "The Mars research has advanced my life in no capacity. How has it helped your life? Looks like Arizona, tastes like chicken. Billions of dollars. I think we should just blow it up and sniff it as it drifts past."

Charlie Sheen
(09/03/1965 – )
US actor ("Hot Shots!")
(son of Martin Sheen, brother of Emilio Estevez, was married to Denise Richards)
John Fugelsang "You can't stand up for Main Street if you're on all fours for Wall Street."

John Fugelsang
(09/03/1969 – )
US comic, actor ("America's Funniest Home Videos")
Vince Lombardi "Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."

Vince Lombardi
(06/11/1913 – 09/03/1970)
US football coach
"The two women exchanged the kind of glance women use when no knife is handy."

Frederic Dannay
(10/20/1905 – 09/03/1982)
US mystery writer ("The Roman Hat Mystery")
(as "Ellery Queen," with Manfred Lee)
Frank Capra "I made some mistakes in drama. I thought the drama was when the actors cried. But drama is when the audience cries."

Frank Capra
(05/18/1897 – 09/03/1991)
US film director ("It Happened One Night")
Pauline Kael "Art doesn't come in measured quantities: it's got to be too much or it's not enough."

Pauline Kael
(06/19/1919 – 09/03/2001)
US (Petaluma, CA-born) film critic ("I Lost It at the Movies")
William Rehnquist "Somewhere out there, beyond the walls of the courthouse, run currents and tides of public opinion which lap at the courtroom door."

William Rehnquist
(10/01/1924 – 09/03/2005)
US Supreme Court justice
Robert Schimmel "I'm happy to say I licked the big C. And I beat cancer."

Robert Schimmel
(01/16/1950 – 09/03/2010)
US comic ("Cancer on Five Dollars a Day* (*chemo not included): How Humor Got Me Through the Toughest Journey of My Life")
John Ashbery "The poem is sad because it wants to be yours, and cannot be."

John Ashbery
(07/28/1927 – 09/03/2017)
US writer ("Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror")
Walter Becker "I don't have any degrees. I was a dropout. So I guess it's not absolutely necessary!"

Walter Becker
(02/20/1950 – 09/03/2017)
US musician (Steely Dan) ("Bad Sneakers")