Saint Augustine "The good Christian should beware of mathematicians, and all those who make empty prophecies. The danger already exists that the mathematicians have made a covenant with the devil to darken the spirit and to confine man in the bonds of Hell."

Saint Augustine
(11/13/0354 – 08/28/0430)
Algerian religious person
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe "The intelligent man finds almost everything ridiculous, the sensible man almost nothing."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
(08/28/1749 – 03/22/1832)
German philosopher
James Henry Leigh Hunt "If you ever have to support a flagging conversation, introduce the topic of eating."

Leigh Hunt
(10/19/1784 – 08/28/1859)
English writer
Charles Boyer "A Frenchwoman, when double-crossed, will kill her rival; the Italian woman would rather kill her deceitful lover; the Englishwoman simply breaks off relations—but they all will console themselves with another man."

Charles Boyer
(08/28/1899 – 08/26/1978)
French actor (died near his birthday)
John Betjeman "We sat in the car park till twenty to one
and now I'm engaged to Miss Joan Hunter Dunn."

Sir John Betjeman
(08/28/1906 – 05/19/1984)
English writer
Robertson Davies "Fanaticism is overcompensation for doubt."

Robertson Davies
(08/28/1913 – 12/02/1995)
Canadian writer
Jacob Kurtzberg "Perfectionists are their own devils."

Jack Kirby
(08/28/1917 – 02/06/1994)
US cartoonist
Donald David Dixon Ronald O'Connor "When you've made six pictures and the mule still gets more fan mail than you do..."

Donald O'Connor
(08/28/1925 – 09/27/2003)
US entertainer , on leaving the "Francis the Talking Mule" franchise
Gale Sandra Klinetsky "The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting." *

Gloria Leonard
(08/28/1940 – 02/03/2014)
US publisher
Hugh Cornwell "I don't know if prison is good for everybody, but it did me a lot of good."

Hugh Cornwell
(08/28/1949 – )
English guitarist (Stranglers)
"My personal life has been completely wrecked by David Selznick's obsession for my wife. What can you do to fight such a powerful man?"

Robert Walker
(10/13/1918 – 08/28/1951)
US actor , on ex-wife Jennifer Jones
Daniel Stern "Invent a past for the present."

Daniel Stern
(08/28/1957 – )
US actor
Eilleen Regina Edwards "I don't want my body to be a distraction from my talent or my brain."

Shania Twain
(08/28/1965 – )
US singer
Thomas Jacob Black "You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow."

Jack Black
(08/28/1969 – )
US singer, actor
Margaret LeAnn Rimes "I have to forgive because I'm going to be a bitter bitch if I don't."

LeAnn Rimes
(08/28/1982 – )
US singer , on her lawsuit against her father
Ruth Gordon Jones "Never give up. And never, under any circumstances, face the facts."

Ruth Gordon
(10/30/1896 – 08/28/1985)
US actor
John Huston "Critics have never been able to discover a unifying theme in my films. For that matter, neither have I."

John Huston
(08/05/1906 – 08/28/1987)
US movie director/producer (was married to Evelyn Keyes; father of Anjelica, son of Walter Huston)
"The plain truth is that the reporter's trade is for young men. Your feet, which do the legwork, are nine times more important than your head, which fits the facts into a coherent pattern."

Joseph Alsop, Jr.
(10/10/1910 – 08/28/1989)
US writer (brother of Stewart Alsop)