"Touch not the flute when drums are sounding around; when fools have the word, the wise will be silent."

Johann Gottfried von Herder
(08/25/1744 – 12/18/1803)
German philosopher ("Ideas on the Philosophy of the History of Mankind")
David Hume "The richest genius, like the most fertile soil, when uncultivated, shoots up into the rankest weeds."

David Hume
(05/07/1711 – 08/25/1776)
Scottish philosopher ("A Treatise of Human Nature")
Francis Brett Hart "One big vice in a man is apt to keep out a great many smaller ones."

Bret Harte
(08/25/1836 – 05/05/1902)
US writer ("The Luck of Roaring Camp")
Edgar Wilson Nye "I have been told that Wagner's music is better than it sounds."

Bill Nye
(08/25/1850 – 02/22/1896)
US humorist ("Baled Hay")
(also see Bill Nye the science guy)
Michael Faraday "The important thing is to know how to take all things quietly."

Michael Faraday
(09/22/1791 – 08/25/1867)
English scientist ("On the Various Forces in Nature")
(same dates as Paul Muni)
"Flattery must be pretty thick before anybody objects to it."

William Feather
(08/25/1889 – 01/07/1981)
US writer ("The Business of Life")
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche "In heaven all the interesting people are missing."

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
(10/15/1844 – 08/25/1900)
German writer, philosopher ("Also sprach Zarathustra: Ein Buch für Alle und Keinen (Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for All and None)")
Walt Kelly "Women aren't as mere as they used to be."

Walt Kelly
(08/25/1913 – 10/18/1973)
US cartoonist ("Pogo")
Leonard Bernstein "To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time."

Leonard Bernstein
(08/25/1918 – 10/14/1990)
US composer ("West Side Story")
(not related to Elmer Bernstein)
George Wallace "Sure, I look like a white man. But my heart is as black as anyone's here."

George Wallace
(08/25/1919 – 09/13/1998)
US Governor (AL)
Maurice Halperin "You can learn more by watching 'Let's Make a Deal' than you can by watching Walter Cronkite for a month."

Monty Hall
(08/25/1921 – 09/30/2017)
Canadian TV game show host ("Let's Make a Deal")
Althea Gibson "Here stands before you a Negro woman, raised in Harlem, who went on to become a tennis player... and finally wind up being a world champion, in fact, the first black woman champion of this world."

Althea Gibson
(08/25/1927 – 09/28/2003)
US tennis player
Thomas Sean Connery "More than anything else, I'd like to be an old man with a good face, like Hitchcock or Picasso."

Sir Sean Connery
(08/25/1930 – 10/31/2020)
Scottish actor ("The Rock")
"We live in a Newtonian world of Einsteinian physics ruled by Frankenstein logic."

David Russell
(08/25/1942 – )
Canadian writer
Chaim Witz "Walk amongst the natives by day, but in your heart be Superman."

Gene Simmons
(08/25/1949 – )
Israeli singer, bassist (Kiss) ("Detroit Rock City")
Rob Halford "There's two kinds of music—heavy metal and all the crap they play on radio and show on MTV."

Rob Halford
(08/25/1951 – )
English singer (Judas Priest) ("You've Got Another Thing Coming")
Declan Patrick McManus "With these vulgar fractions of the treble clef,
I wish you luck with a capital F."

Elvis Costello
(08/25/1954 – )
English singer-songwriter ("Pump It Up")
(married to Diana Krall; relationship with Bebe Buell)
Alfred C. Kinsey "Only the human mind invents categories and tries to force facts into separated pigeon-holes. The living world is a continuum."

Alfred Kinsey
(06/23/1894 – 08/25/1956)
US researcher ("Kinsey Reports")
Tim Burton "I wouldn't know a good script if it bit me in the face"

Tim Burton
(08/25/1958 – )
US filmmaker ("Beetlejuice")
(LTR with Helena Bonham Carter)
Billy Ray Cyrus "Man, I love that song. I think about it at least once a day."

Billy Ray Cyrus
(08/25/1961 – )
US singer , on his hit "Achy Breaky Heart"
(father of Miley Cyrus)
Meshilem Meier Weisenfreund "I don't want to be a star. If you have to label me anything, I'm an actor—I guess. A journeyman actor. I think 'star' is what you call actors who can't act."

Paul Muni
(09/22/1895 – 08/25/1967)
Austro-Hungarian actor ("The Story of Louis Pasteur")
(same dates as Michael Faraday)
Claudia Schiffer "I've looked in the mirror every day for 20 years. It's the same face."

Claudia Schiffer
(08/25/1970 – )
German supermodel
Truman Streckfus Persons "Life is difficult enough without Meryl Streep movies."

Truman Capote
(09/30/1924 – 08/25/1984)
US writer ("Breakfast at Tiffany's")
Blake Ellender Brown "My whole family's been in the business. My whole family is crazy."

Blake Lively
(08/25/1987 – )
US actor
(married to Ryan Reynolds)
Edward Moore Kennedy "Frankly, I don't mind not being president. I just mind that someone else is."

Edward M. Kennedy
(02/22/1932 – 08/25/2009)
US Senator (MA) , on George W. Bush
(son of Rose and Joseph P., brother of John and Robert)
John McCain "Remember the words of Chairman Mao: 'It's always darkest before it's totally black.'"

John McCain
(08/29/1936 – 08/25/2018)
US Senator, Representative (AZ), presidential nominee (2008), and Navy pilot
(died near his birthday)