Robert Southey "If you would be pungent, be brief; for it is with words as with sunbeams—the more they are condensed, the deeper they burn."

Robert Southey
(08/12/1774 – 03/21/1843)
English writer
William Blake, by Thomas Phillips "You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough."

William Blake
(11/28/1757 – 08/12/1827)
English writer
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky "Common sense, a sense of humor, more common sense."

Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
(08/12/1831 – 05/08/1891)
Russian writer, mystic , on requirements for the study of "Theosophy"
Edith Hamilton "A people's literature is the great textbook for real knowledge of them. The writings of the day show the quality of the people as no historical reconstruction can."

Edith Hamilton
(08/12/1867 – 05/31/1963)
US educator
Cecil B. de Mille "What do you want me to do? Stop shooting now and release it as The Five Commandments?"

Cecil B. de Mille
(08/12/1881 – 01/21/1959)
US director (uncle of Agnes de Mille) , running over budget on the filming of "The Ten Commandments"
Helen Maria Fiske "Oh, write of me, not 'Died in bitter pains,'
But 'Emigrated to another star!'"

Helen Hunt Jackson
(10/15/1830 – 08/12/1885)
US writer
"Men in earnest have no time to waste in patching fig leaves for the naked truth."

James Russell Lowell
(02/22/1819 – 08/12/1891)
US writer
Derek Delevan Harris "Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great."

John Derek
(08/12/1926 – 05/22/1998)
US actor, director (was married to Ursula Andress, Linda Evans, Bo Derek)
Alvis Edgar Owens "I am who I am, I am what I am, I do what I do and I ain't never gonna do it any different. I don't care who likes it and who don't."

Buck Owens
(08/12/1929 – 03/25/2006)
US musician
Mark Knopfler "I've got huge admiration for prose writers because I just know that I'd be no good at it. I don't think I'd try to write a novel or a screenplay or be a poet even. When you're peddling ditties, it's a different thing."

Mark Knopfler
(08/12/1949 – )
English guitarist (Dire Straits)
Thomas Mann "A man's dying is more the survivors' affair than his own."

Thomas Mann
(06/06/1875 – 08/12/1955)
German writer
"If Governor Fields is right, I am going to stand by him because he is right. If he is wrong, I am going to stand by him because he is a Democrat." *

Augustus Owsley Stanley
(05/21/1867 – 08/12/1958)
US governor, senator (KY)
Ian Fleming "A horse is dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle."

Ian Fleming
(05/28/1908 – 08/12/1964)
Scottish writer
Henry Fonda "I listen to Reagan and I want to throw up."

Henry Fonda
(05/16/1905 – 08/12/1982)
US actor (father of Jane and Peter, grandfather of Bridget)
John Cage "If someone says 'can't,' that shows you what to do."

John Cage
(09/05/1912 – 08/12/1992)
US composer
Gretchen Young "If you want a place in the sun, you have to expect a few blisters."

Loretta Young
(01/06/1913 – 08/12/2000)
US actor
"If the host is sitting there thinking about his next joke, he isn't listening."

Merv Griffin
(07/06/1925 – 08/12/2007)
US TV personality, gazillionaire
Lester William Polfuss "It's not technique—it's what you have to say."

Les Paul
(06/09/1915 – 08/12/2009)
US inventor, musician
Betty Joan Perske "In Hollywood, an equitable divorce settlement means each party getting fifty percent of the publicity."

Lauren Bacall
(09/16/1924 – 08/12/2014)
US actor (was married to Humphrey Bogart, Jason Robards)