Percy Bysshe Shelley "The Galilean is not a favorite of mine. So far from owing him any thanks for his favor, I cannot avoid confessing that I owe a secret grudge to his carpentership."

Percy Bysshe Shelley
(08/04/1792 – 07/08/1822)
English writer (was married to Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley)
Knut Hamsun "One, two, three four—thus I sit and make notes and write little pieces for myself. It is to no purpose, just an old habit. I leak muted words. I am a dripping tap, one, two, three, four..."

Knut Hamsun
(08/04/1859 – 02/19/1952)
Norwegian writer
"Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich by promising to protect each from the other." *

Oscar Ameringer
(08/04/1870 – 11/05/1943)
German-US politician
"Executive ability is deciding quickly and getting someone else to do the work."

John G. Pollard
(08/04/1871 – 04/28/1937)
US Governor (VA)
Hans Christian Andersen "Most of the people who will walk after me will be children, so make the beat keep time with short steps."

Hans Christian Andersen
(04/02/1805 – 08/04/1875)
Danish writer
Louis Armstrong "All music is folk music. I ain't never heard no horse sing a song."

Louis Armstrong
(08/04/1901 – 07/06/1971)
US bandleader, singer, trumpet player, jazz pioneer
"Eccentricity, to be socially acceptable, had still to have at least four or five generations of inbreeding behind it."

Sir Osbert Lancaster
(08/04/1908 – 07/27/1986)
English illustrator, gardener
Billy Bob Thornton "I can't sit through plays and musical theatre. I just want to run up onstage and mess up their hair and turn over the furniture."

Billy Bob Thornton
(08/04/1955 – )
US actor (was married to Angelina Jolie)
"I'm not Jesus Christ with a wrench, but I'm somebody with a wrench."

Paul Terrell
(08/04/1959 – )
US friend of the quotemaster (father of Isaac)
Barack Obama "My job is not to represent Washington to you, but to represent you to Washington."

Barack Obama
(08/04/1961 – )
US President (44) (husband of Michelle Obama)
Eddie Condon "Someday we may have as many followers as the harpsichord."

Eddie Condon
(11/16/1905 – 08/04/1973)
US guitarist , on guitar players
Jeanne Calment "I've only got one wrinkle and I'm sitting on it."

Jeanne Calment
(02/21/1875 – 08/04/1997)
French supercentenarian, longest recorded human lifespan
Victor Mature "If you're so concerned about f890ing privacy, don't become a f890ing actor!"

Victor Mature
(01/29/1913 – 08/04/1999)
US non-actor