Thomas Gainsborough "Rot them for a couple of rogues; they have everyone's face but their own!"

Thomas Gainsborough
(05/14/1727 – 08/02/1788)
English artist , on actors David Garrick and Samuel Foote
Horace Mann "Education, then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men—the balance-wheel of the social machinery."

Horace Mann
(05/04/1796 – 08/02/1859)
US educator
John Sloan "Since we have to speak well of the dead, let's knock them while they're alive."

John Sloan
(08/02/1871 – 09/07/1951)
US artist
Jacob Warner "It's our fault. We should have given him better parts."

Jack L. Warner
(08/02/1892 – 09/09/1978)
Canadian film producer and Warner Brother (brother of Harry Warner) , on Ronald Reagan being elected governor of California (shown with Alfred Hitchcock)
"He wouldn't commit himself to the time of day from a hatful of watches."

Westbrook Pegler
(08/02/1894 – 06/24/1969)
US writer , on Herbert Hoover
Myrna Adele Williams "I think that carrying on a life that is meant to be private in public is a breach of taste, common sense, and mental hygiene."

Myrna Loy
(08/02/1905 – 12/14/1993)
US actor (Victor Mature had a different view)
Enrico Caruso "Watermelon—it's a good fruit. You eat, you drink, you wash your face."

Enrico Caruso
(02/25/1873 – 08/02/1921)
Italian singer (had affair with Alma Schindler)
"We have never been a melting pot. The fact is we are more like a tossed salad. We are green, some of us are oily and there's a little vinegar injected when you get up to Ottawa. "

Arnold Edinborough
(08/02/1922 – 06/02/2006)
Canadian writer , on Canada
Alexander Graham Bell "America is a country of inventors, and the greatest of inventors are the newspaper men."

Alexander Graham Bell
(03/03/1847 – 08/02/1922)
Scottish inventor
Warren Gamaliel Harding "I have no trouble with my enemies. I can take care of my enemies all right. But my damn friends—they're the ones that keep me walking the floor nights!"

Warren G. Harding
(11/02/1865 – 08/02/1923)
US President (29) (was married to Florence Kling Harding)
Shimon Peres "Television has made dictatorship impossible, but democracy unbearable."

Shimon Peres
(08/02/1923 – 09/28/2016)
Polish Prime Minister of Israel, Nobel Laureate
James Baldwin "Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor."

James Baldwin
(08/02/1924 – 12/01/1987)
US writer
John Carroll O'Connor "God don't make no mistakes. That's how He got to be God."

Carroll "Archie Bunker" O'Connor
(08/02/1924 – 06/21/2001)
US actor
"And what is more, I agree with everything I have just said." *

Piet Koornhof
(08/02/1925 – 11/12/2007)
S. African politician
Wallace Stevens "Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake."

Wallace Stevens
(10/02/1879 – 08/02/1955)
US writer
Neill Kirby McMillan, Jr. "It was one of those towns where you could do one of two things on a Friday night: Drive 'round and get drunk, or get drunk and drive 'round."

Mojo Nixon
(08/02/1957 – )
US singer, songwriter , on Danville, VA
Mary Teresa Hopkins Norton "Stories never really end. They can go on and on and on. It's just that sometimes, at a certain point, one stops telling them."

Mary Norton
(03/07/1875 – 08/02/1959)
US congressperson (NJ)
Mary-Louise Parker "Being naked has a certain element of drama."

Mary-Louise Parker
(08/02/1964 – )
US actor
Paul Goodman "It rarely adds anything to say, 'In my opinion'—not even modesty. Naturally a sentence is only your opinion; and you are not the Pope."

Paul Goodman
(09/09/1911 – 08/02/1972)
US critic
Sophie Feldman "Raquel Welch—a moron with less on."

Totie Fields
(05/07/1930 – 08/02/1978)
US actor
Roy Cohn "I bring out the worst in my enemies and that's how I get them to defeat themselves."

Roy Cohn
(02/20/1927 – 08/02/1986)
US red-scare lawyer
William S. Burroughs "Which came first, the intestine or the tapeworm?"

William S. Burroughs
(02/05/1914 – 08/02/1997)
US writer