Hiram Ulysses Grant "Labor disgraces no man; unfortunately you occasionally find men disgrace labor."

Ulysses S. Grant
(04/27/1822 – 07/23/1885)
US President (18)
Raymond Chandler "She gave me a smile I could feel in my hip pocket."

Raymond Chandler
(07/23/1888 – 03/26/1959)
US writer
Harry Cohn "Give me two years, and I'll make her an overnight star."

Harry Cohn
(07/23/1891 – 02/27/1958)
US film producer
Michael Wilding "You can pick out actors by the glazed look that comes into their eyes when the conversation wanders away from them."

Michael Wilding
(07/23/1912 – 07/08/1979)
English actor, director (was married to Elizabeth Taylor)
Coral Edith Brown "I could never understand what Sir Godfrey Tearle saw in Jill Bennett, until I saw her at the Caprice eating corn on the cob."

Coral Browne
(07/23/1913 – 05/29/1991)
Australian actor (was married to Vincent Price)
Anthony Kennedy "Sometimes you don't know if you're Caesar about to cross the Rubicon or Captain Queeg cutting your own tow line."

Anthony Kennedy
(07/23/1936 – )
US Supreme Court justice
David Llewelyn Wark Griffith "Everything went downhill after Lillian [Gish] left me."

D. W. Griffith
(01/22/1875 – 07/23/1948)
US director
Robert Flaherty "Sometimes you have to lie. One often has to distort a thing to catch its true spirit."

Robert Flaherty
(02/16/1884 – 07/23/1951)
US director
Woodrow Tracy Harrelson "Violence was almost an aphrodisiac for me."

Woody Harrelson
(07/23/1961 – )
US actor
Saul Hudson "Rock'n'roll is like an aphrodisiac for people who have everyday jobs and sh*t."

(07/23/1965 – )
English-US guitarist (Guns'n'Roses, Snakepit, Velvet Revolver) (also see Axl Rose)
Edward Montgomery Clift "The closer we come to the negative, to death, the more we blossom."

Montgomery Clift
(10/17/1920 – 07/23/1966)
US actor
Philip Seymour Hoffman "Acting is not something you can do by the numbers. It changes from part to part. Day to day. Hour to hour. Some days I don't feel like it's that hard at all. Some days I don't want to do it for the life of me."

Philip Seymour Hoffman
(07/23/1967 – 02/02/2014)
US actor
Edward Vernon Rickenbacker "Courage is doing what you're afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you're scared."

Edward V. Rickenbacker
(10/08/1890 – 07/23/1973)
US aviator
Monica Lewinsky "She can reconstruct her face, her hair and her body but she will always be revolting to me."

Monica Lewinsky
(07/23/1973 – )
US presidential intern , on ex-friend Linda Tripp
Daniel Radcliffe "I think I'm a tiny bit like Harry [Potter] 'cause I'd like to have an owl. Yeah, that's the tiny bit, actually."

Daniel Radcliffe
(07/23/1989 – )
English actor
Jessica Mitford "Gracious dying is a huge, macabre and expensive joke on the American public."

Jessica Mitford
(09/11/1917 – 07/23/1996)
English writer (sister of Nancy Mitford)
Eudora Welty "Never think you've seen the last of anything."

Eudora Welty
(04/13/1909 – 07/23/2001)
US writer
John Aubuchon "We won't see the end result until about an hour ago."

John Aubuchon
(??/??/1946? – 07/23/2003)
US writer , on a Clinton health plan speech