"Pluck up thy spirits, man, and be not afraid to do thine office; my neck is very short; take heed therefore thou strike not awry, for saving of thine honesty."

Sir Thomas More
(02/07/1478 – 07/06/1535)
English writer , to his executioner
John Paul Jones "Should I have the good fortune to fall in with him again, I'll make a lord of him."

John Paul Jones
(07/06/1747 – 07/18/1792)
US naval officer , on learning that captain Richard Pearson was knighted after Jones defeated him in battle
Tsar Nicholas I "I do not rule Russia; ten thousand clerks do."

Tsar Nicholas I
(07/06/1796 – 03/02/1855)
Russian ruler
Samuel Lover "When once the itch of literature comes over a man, nothing can cure it but the scratching of a pen. But if you have not a pen, I suppose you must scratch any way you can."

Samuel Lover
(02/24/1797 – 07/06/1868)
Irish writer
Moishe Zakharovich Shagal "All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites."

Marc Chagall
(07/06/1887 – 03/28/1985)
French artist
Frida Kahlo "I drank to drown my pain, but the damned pain learned how to swim, and now I am overwhelmed by this decent and good behavior."

Frida Kahlo
(07/06/1907 – 07/13/1954)
Mexican artist (died near her birthday; was married to Diego Rivera)
"There are still parts of Wales where the only concession to gaiety is a striped shroud."

Gwyn Thomas
(07/06/1913 – 04/13/1981)
Welsh writer
Anne Frances Robbins "I didn't intend for this to take on a political tone. I'm just here for the drugs."

Nancy Reagan
(07/06/1921 – 03/06/2016)
US first lady (47) (was married to Ronald Reagan) , when asked a political question at a "Just Say No" rally
"Las Vegas without Wayne Newton is like Disneyland without Mickey Mouse."

Merv Griffin
(07/06/1925 – 08/12/2007)
US TV personality, gazillionaire
"The wrong sort of people are always in power because they would not be in power if they were not the wrong sort of people."

Jon Wynne-Tyson
(07/06/1924 – 03/26/2020)
English writer
Pat Paulsen "I've upped my standards. Now, up yours."

Pat Paulsen
(07/06/1927 – 04/24/1997)
US comic, presidential candidate
Jeanette Helen Morrison "'Psycho' gave me very wrinkled skin. I was in that shower for seven days—70 set-ups. At least, he [Hitchcock] made sure the water was warm."

Janet Leigh
(07/06/1927 – 10/03/2004)
US actor (mother of Jamie Lee Curtis; was married to Tony Curtis)
Kenneth Grahame "It is the restrictions placed on vice by our social code which make its pursuit so peculiarly agreeable."

Kenneth Grahame
(03/08/1859 – 07/06/1932)
Scottish writer
George W. Bush, Jr. "Nothing can be further than the truth."

George W. Bush
(07/06/1946 – )
US traitor, draft dodger, corporate pawn, thief, liar, war criminal, and alleged President (43) (son of George and Barbara, married to Laura)
Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone "I'm astounded by people who take 18 years to write something. That's how long it took that guy to write 'Madame Bovary,' and was that ever on the best-seller list?"

Sylvester Stallone
(07/06/1946 – )
US-Italian "actor" (was married to Brigitte Nielsen)
"Comparing information and knowledge is like asking whether the fatness of a pig is more or less green than the designated hitter rule."

David Guaspari
(07/06/1948 – )
US writer, mathematician
Aneurin Bevan "Virtue is its own punishment."

Aneurin Bevan
(11/15/1897 – 07/06/1960)
Welsh politician
William Faulkner "One of the nicest old ladies I've ever met."

William Faulkner
(09/25/1897 – 07/06/1962)
US writer , on Henry James
Louis Armstrong "If you have to ask, shame on you."

Louis Armstrong
(08/04/1901 – 07/06/1971)
US bandleader, singer, trumpet player, jazz pioneer , on what Jazz is
Jim Samuels
"I don't have any trouble parking. I drive a forklift."

Jim Samuels
(10/13/1948 – 07/06/1990)
US comic (Photo by Pat Johnson)
Leonard Franklin Slye "When my time comes, just skin me and put me up there on Trigger, just as though nothing had ever changed."

Roy Rogers
(11/05/1911 – 07/06/1998)
US actor, singer
Christian Ludolf Ebsen, Jr. "As I recall, the only good notice was in the Saturday Review. The critic said the show possessed 'social comment combined with a high Nielsen, an almost impossible achievement in these days.' I kinda liked that."

Buddy Ebsen
(04/02/1908 – 07/06/2003)
US dancer, actor , on "The Beverly Hillbillies"
Robert McNamara "Neither conscience nor sanity itself suggests that the United States is, should or could be the global gendarme."

Robert McNamara
(06/09/1916 – 07/06/2009)
US secretary of defense
"Someone has remarked that 'An ideal math talk should have one proof and one joke and they should not be the same'."

Ronald Graham
(10/31/1935 – 07/06/2020)
US mathematician