Wilhelm von Humboldt "If it were possible to make an accurate calculation of the evils which police regulations occasion, and of those which they prevent, the number of the former would, in all cases, exceed that of the latter."

Baron Wilhelm von Humboldt
(06/22/1767 – 04/08/1835)
German philosopher
"Slumber not in the tents of your fathers. The world is advancing."

Giuseppe Mazzini
(06/22/1805 – 03/10/1872)
Genoan revolutionary
"When a man is no longer anxious to do better than well, he is done for."

Benjamin Haydon
(01/26/1786 – 06/22/1846)
English artist
Julian Huxley and elephant skull "Operationally, God is beginning to resemble not a ruler but the last fading smile of a cosmic Cheshire cat."

Sir Julian Huxley
(06/22/1887 – 02/14/1975)
English writer, conservationist (brother of Aldous, grandson of Thomas Henry Huxley)
Erich Maria Remarque "You may turn into an archangel, a fool, or a criminal—no one will see it. But when a button is missing—everyone sees that."

Erich Maria Remarque
(06/22/1898 – 09/25/1970)
German writer (was married to Paulette Goddard)
"Many people have played themselves to death. Many people have eaten and drunk themselves to death. Nobody ever thought himself to death."

Gilbert Highet
(06/22/1906 – 01/20/1978)
US writer
Anne Morrow Lindbergh "One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach. One can collect only a few, and they are more beautiful if they are few."

Anne Morrow Lindbergh
(06/22/1906 – 02/07/2001)
US writer, aviator (daughter of Dwight Morrow; was married to Charles Lindbergh)
Samuel Wilder "I would worship the ground you walk on, Audrey, if you only lived in a better neighborhood."

Billy Wilder
(06/22/1906 – 03/27/2002)
US director
Avrom Hirsch Goldbogen "I spend money as if I had it."

Michael Todd
(06/22/1909 – 03/22/1958)
US producer (was married to Joan Blondell, Elizabeth Taylor; partner with Evelyn Keyes)
Katherine Dunham "We weren't pushing Black is beautiful. We just showed it."

Katherine Dunham
(06/22/1909 – 05/21/2006)
US dancer, choreographer, anthropologist
"Each individual piece is a calculated attempt to entice women to add to their wardrobe."

Bill Blass
(06/22/1922 – 06/12/2002)
US fashion designer
Dianne Feinstein "Winning may not be everything, but losing has little to recommend it."

Dianne Feinstein
(06/22/1933 – )
US politician
Kristoffer Kristofferson "The number-one rule of the road is never go to bed with anyone crazier than yourself. You will break this rule, and you will be sorry."

Kris Kristofferson
(06/22/1936 – )
US singer, songwriter, actor
Meryl Streep "You can't get spoiled if you do your own ironing."

Meryl Streep
(06/22/1949 – )
US actor
Cyndi Lauper "People used to complain to me all the time, 'I can't even hear you sing because your clothes are so loud.'"

Cyndi Lauper
(06/22/1953 – )
US singer, songwriter
Bruce Campbell "Don't aspire to be a B-movie director; you'll be there soon enough."

Bruce Campbell
(06/22/1958 – )
US actor
"My older brother is a doctor. I'm a lawyer. My younger brother became a circus clown. This pleased my mother. Finally she had a son she could be proud of."

Mark Hemphill Lough
(06/22/1959 – )
US lawyer and brother-in-law
David O. Selznick "I have no middle name...I had an uncle, whom I greatly disliked, who was also named David Selznick, so in order to avoid any growing confusion between the two of us, I decided to take a middle initial and went through the alphabet to find one that seemed to give me the best punctuation and decided on 'O'."

David O. Selznick
(05/10/1902 – 06/22/1965)
US movie director (same dates as Astaire; was married to Jennifer Jones)
Frances Ethel Gumm "I've never looked through a keyhole without finding someone was looking back."

Judy Garland
(06/10/1922 – 06/22/1969)
US singer, actor (was married to Vincente Minnelli; mother with him of Liza Minnelli)
Frederick Austerlitz "I just put my feet in the air and move them around."

Fred Astaire
(05/10/1899 – 06/22/1987)
US dancer, actor, singer (same dates as Selznick)
Thelma Catherine Ryan Nixon "Being First Lady is the hardest unpaid job in the world."

Pat Nixon
(03/16/1912 – 06/22/1993)
US First Lady (44) (was married to Richard Nixon)
Esther Lederer "Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful."

Ann Landers
(07/04/1918 – 06/22/2002)
US advice columnist (sister of Abigail van Buren)
George Carlin "If churches want to play the game of politics, let them pay admission like everyone else."

George Carlin
(05/12/1937 – 06/22/2008)
US comic