Joseph Addison "We may lay down a maxim, that when a nation abounds in physicians it grows thin of people."

Joseph Addison
(05/01/1672 – 06/17/1719)
English writer
Lewis Cass "People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do."

Lewis Cass
(10/09/1782 – 06/17/1866)
US Senator (MI)
Igor Stravinsky "Too many pieces of music finish too long after the end."

Igor Stravinsky
(06/17/1882 – 04/06/1971)
Russian composer, conductor
Maurits Cornelis Escher "I don't use drugs; my dreams are frightening enough."

M. C. Escher
(06/17/1898 – 03/27/1972)
Dutch artist
Martin Bormann "Education is a danger... At best an education which produces useful coolies for us is admissible. Every educated person is a future enemy."

Martin Bormann
(06/17/1900 – 05/02/1945)
German Nazi official
"He certainly doesn't publicize it now, but in the 1950s, John Wayne was one of the biggest Hollywood supporters, financially, of the Ku Klux Klan."

Ralph Bellamy
(06/17/1904 – 11/29/1991)
US actor
"There is a correlation between the creative and the screwball. So we must suffer the screwball gladly."

Kingman Brewster, Jr.
(06/17/1919 – 11/08/1988)
US diplomat, educator
Arthur Christopher Benson "I expect that all of us get pretty much what we deserve of appreciation."

A. C. Benson
(04/24/1862 – 06/17/1925)
English writer (brother of E. F. Benson)
"Once you give every person the right to live in freedom, peace, and dignity, a lot of the problems we see today are going to evaporate."

Mohamed ElBaradei
(06/17/1942 – )
Egyptian director, International Atomic Energy Agency
Barry Alan Pincus "Well, they look so much alike I get them confused."

Barry Manilow
(06/17/1943 – )
US singer/songwriter , on the marriage between Lyle Lovett and Julia "Child"
Newton Leroy Gingrich "You can't trust anybody with power."

Newt Gingrich
(06/17/1943 – )
US Rep (GA), House Speaker (104 and 105)
"The trouble is that many MPs never see the London that exists beyond the wine bars and brothels of Westminster."

Ken Livingstone
(06/17/1945 – )
English mayor (London)
Dorothy Miller Richardson "If there was a trick, there must be a trickster."

Dorothy Miller Richardson
(05/17/1873 – 06/17/1957)
English writer
Eric Boucher "I enjoy getting people angry and getting underneath their skin, especially people who don't think."

Jello Biafra
(06/17/1958 – )
US singer (Dead Kennedys), spoken-word performer
"A bookshop is a powder-magazine, a dynamite-shed, a drugstore of poisons, a bar of intoxicants, a den of opiates, an island of sirens."

John Cowper Powys
(10/08/1872 – 06/17/1963)
English writer
Gloria Laura Vanderbilt "I've always believed that one woman's success can only help another woman's success."

Gloria Vanderbilt
(02/20/1924 – 06/17/2019)
US fashion designer (was married to Sidney Lumet, Leopold Stokowski; mother of Anderson Cooper)