Harriet Beecher Stowe "The obstinacy of cleverness and reason is nothing to the obstinacy of folly and inanity."

Harriet Beecher Stowe
(06/14/1811 – 07/01/1896)
US writer (sister of Henry Ward Beecher)
Margaret White "The beauty of the past belongs to the past."

Margaret Bourke-White
(06/14/1904 – 08/27/1971)
US photojournalist (was married to Erskine Caldwell)
Mary Cassatt "Acceptance, under someone else's terms, is worse than rejection."

Mary Cassatt
(05/22/1844 – 06/14/1926)
US artist
Jerome Klapka Jerome "We shall never be content until man makes his own weather and keeps it to himself."

Jerome K. Jerome
(05/02/1859 – 06/14/1927)
English writer
Ernesto Guevara "Silence is argument carried on by other means."

Che Guevara
(06/14/1928 – 10/09/1967)
Argentine revolutionary
Józef Lewinkopf "And really the purpose of art—for me, fiction—is to alert, to indicate to stop, to say: Make certain that when you rush through you will not miss the moment which you might have had, or might still have."

Jerzy Kosinski
(06/14/1933 – 05/03/1991)
Polish writer
Gilbert Keith Chesterton "Ten thousand women marched through the streets of London saying 'we will not be dictated to,' and then went off to become stenographers."

G. K. Chesterton
(05/29/1874 – 06/14/1936)
English writer
donald trump

donald trump
(06/14/1946 – )
US con artist, business failure, wannabe dictator , hasn't said anything of value; reserving this space to record his death
"He uses a lot of big words, and his sentences are from here back to the airport."

Carolyn Chute
(06/14/1947 – )
US writer , on William Faulkner
George O'Dowd "Comparing Madonna with Marilyn Monroe is like comparing Raquel Welch with the back of a bus."

Boy George
(06/14/1961 – )
English singer
Yasmine Bleeth "This is my ultimate fantasy: watching QVC with a credit card while making love and eating at the same time. With somebody else's card, of course!"

Yasmine Bleeth
(06/14/1968 – )
US actor, model
Brook Busey "If this whole writing thing doesn't work out, I'll be getting right back on the pole."

Diablo Cody
(06/14/1978 – )
US writer, stripper
Jorge Luis Borges "The original is unfaithful to the translation."

Jorge Luis Borges
(08/24/1899 – 06/14/1986)
Argentine writer
Alan Jay Lerner "Coughing in the theatre is not a respiratory ailment. It is a criticism."

Alan Jay Lerner
(08/31/1918 – 06/14/1986)
US lyricist (songwriting partner of Frederick Loewe; was married to Nancy Olson, among others)
Rory Gallagher "Hardly a day goes by without me sticking on a Muddy Waters record."

Rory Gallagher
(03/02/1948 – 06/14/1995)
Irish guitarist
June Jordan "Americans have begun to understand that trouble does not start somewhere on the other side of town. It seems to originate inside the absolute middle of the homemade cherry pie."

June Jordan
(07/09/1936 – 06/14/2002)
US writer