"Anno 1670, not far from Cirencester, was an apparition: being demanded, whether 'a good spirit, or a bad?' returned no answer, but disappeared with a curious perfume and most melodious twang."

John Aubrey
(03/12/1626 – 06/07/1697)
English writer
"Reason is the test of ridicule, not ridicule the test of truth."

William Warburton
(12/24/1698 – 06/07/1779)
English bishop, literary critic
Paul Gauguin "Life being what it is, one dreams of revenge."

Paul Gauguin
(06/07/1848 – 05/08/1903)
French painter
"Theories are always very thin and insubstantial, experience only is tangible."

Hosea Ballou
(04/30/1771 – 06/07/1852)
US theologian
Edwin Thomas Booth "But Nature cast me for the part she found me best fitted for, and I have had to play it, and must play it till the curtain falls."

Edwin Booth
(11/13/1833 – 06/07/1893)
US actor
John Cameron Andrieu Bingham Michael Morton "Hush, hush,
nobody cares!
Christopher Robin

J. B. Morton
(06/07/1893 – 05/10/1979)
English writer
Elizabeth Bowen "She looked like a high altar on the move."

Elizabeth Bowen
(06/07/1899 – 02/22/1973)
English writer , on Dame Edith Sitwell
Jessica Tandy "When he's late for dinner, I know he's either having an affair or lying dead in the street. I always hope it's the street."

Jessica Tandy
(06/07/1909 – 09/11/1994)
US actor , on husband Hume Cronyn
Dino Crocetti "I once shook hands with Pat Boone, and my whole right side sobered up."

Dean Martin
(06/07/1917 – 12/25/1995)
Italian-US singer, actor
Gwendolyn Brooks "Truth-tellers are not always palatable. There is a preference for candy bars."

Gwendolyn Brooks
(06/07/1917 – 12/03/2000)
US writer
Harry Crews "I believe some people are just too damn smart to write fiction."

Harry Crews
(06/07/1935 – 03/28/2012)
US writer
Harlean Harlow Carpenter "I like to wake up each morning feeling a new man."

Jean Harlow
(03/03/1911 – 06/07/1937)
US actor
Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi "[The Libyan Army] is capable of destroying America and breaking its nose."

Muammar al-Gaddafi
(06/07/1942 – 10/20/2011)
Libyan military, political leader
Yolande Cornelia Giovanni, Jr. "It is not who you attend school with but who controls the school you attend."

Nikki Giovanni
(06/07/1943 – )
US writer
"We all know we are unique individuals, but we tend to see others as representatives of groups."

Deborah Tannen
(06/07/1945 – )
US sociologist
Liam Neeson "In Los Angeles, it's like they jog for two hours a day and then they think they're morally right. That's when you want to choke people, you know?"

Liam Neeson
(06/07/1952 – )
Irish actor
Louise Erdrich "They were so strong in their beliefs that there came a time when it hardly mattered what exactly those beliefs were; they all fused into a single stubbornness."

Louise Erdrich
(06/07/1954 – )
US writer (was married to Michael Anthony Dorris)
Prince Rogers Nelson "What's missing from pop music is danger."

(06/07/1958 – 04/21/2016)
US singer, songwriter
Eliza Susan Pitts "I was what they called a feature player, never a star. They say I was in 500 films, everything but the newsreels."

ZaSu Pitts
(01/03/1894 – 06/07/1963)
US actor
Hans Peter Wilhelm Arp "Soon silence will have passed into legend. Man has turned his back on silence. Day after day he invents machines and devices that increase noise and distract humanity from the essence of life, contemplation, meditation... Tooting, howling, screeching, booming, crashing, whistling, grinding, and trilling bolster his ego. His anxiety subsides. His inhuman void spreads monstrously like a gray vegetation."

Jean Arp
(09/16/1886 – 06/07/1966)
French artist
Dorothy Rothschild "If, with the literate, I am
impelled to try an epigram
I never seek to take the credit;
we all assume that Oscar said it."

Dorothy Parker
(08/22/1893 – 06/07/1967)
US writer
Edward Morgan Forster, by Dora Carrington "One always tends to overpraise a long book because one has got through it."

E. M. Forster
(01/01/1879 – 06/07/1970)
English writer
Leo Burnett "When you reach for the stars, you may not quite get one, but you won't come up with a handful of mud either."

Leo Burnett
(10/21/1891 – 06/07/1971)
US advertising maven
Bill Hader "Sometimes you're working with somebody, and you can tell they're just waiting to say their line."

Bill Hader
(06/07/1978 – )
US comic actor (SNL)
Henry Miller "To enter life by way of the vagina is as good a way as any."

Henry Miller
(12/26/1891 – 06/07/1980)
US writer
Dennis Potter "Religion to me has always been the wound, not the bandage."

Dennis Potter
(05/17/1935 – 06/07/1994)
English writer
Christopher Lee "In Britain, any degree of success is met with envy and resentment."

Christopher Lee
(05/27/1922 – 06/07/2015)
English actor
"If you have to talk about fashion, then you are not in it." *

Michaele Vollbracht
(11/17/1947 – 06/07/2018)
US designer