William Henry Seward, Sr. "No man will ever be President of the United States who spells Negro with two Gs."

William Seward
(05/16/1801 – 10/10/1872)
US Secretary of State
Leola Baird Leonard "That nonchalant attempt of Eve's
to fashion garments from leaves
was not, as you have heard, inspired
by shame at being unattired." *

Mrs. Harry St. Clair Zogbaum
(05/16/1888 – 01/23/1941)
US writer
"I can understand that memory must be selective, else it would choke on the glut of experience. What I cannot understand is why it selects what it does."

Virgilia Peterson
(05/16/1904 – 02/24/1966)
US writer
Henry Fonda "I've been close to Bette Davis for thirty-eight years—and I have the cigarette burns to prove it."

Henry Fonda
(05/16/1905 – 08/12/1982)
US actor (father of Jane and Peter, grandfather of Bridget)
Wladziu Valentino Liberace "John Gielgud is so camp! When he took home the Oscar for 'Arthur,' he said, 'Just what I've always wanted—a naked man in my rumpus room.'"

(05/16/1919 – 02/04/1987)
Hungarian-US pianist
Adrienne Rich "It's exhilarating to be alive in a time of awakening consciousness; it can also be confusing, disorienting, and painful."

Adrienne Rich
(05/16/1929 – 03/27/2012)
US writer
Lillie Mae Jones "If it wasn't for [pimps, prostitutes, hustlers, gangsters, and gamblers] there wouldn't be no jazz! They supported the club owners who bought the music. It wasn't the middle-class people who said 'Let's go hear Charlie Parker tonight.'"

Betty Carter
(05/16/1929 – 09/26/1998)
US singer
George Ade "After being Turned Down by numerous Publishers, he had decided to write for Posterity."

George Ade
(02/09/1866 – 05/16/1944)
US humorist
Robert Fripp "Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence."

Robert Fripp
(05/16/1946 – )
English guitarist (King Crimson, etc.) (married to Toyah Willcox)
Bob Edwards "When Solomon said that there was a time and a place for everything he had not encountered the problem of parking an automobile."

Bob Edwards
(05/16/1947 – )
US TV host
Stuart Rogers "A man's screech should exceed his rasp, or what's a violin for?"

Stuart Rogers
(05/16/1952 – )
Canadian technical communicator (paraphrasing Robert Browning)
Pierce Brosnan "I don't see myself as the Hunk of the Month."

Pierce Brosnan
(05/16/1953 – )
Irish actor
Debra Winger "I have a thing with the camera. The lens is unconditional. It doesn't judge you."

Debra Winger
(05/16/1955 – )
US actor
James Agee "All over Alabama the lamps are out—Let us now praise famous men."

James Agee
(11/27/1909 – 05/16/1955)
US writer, critic, and frequent crossword puzzle answer
"How are you supposed to be able to tell when cat food has gone bad?"

Bridget Keller
(05/16/1964 – )
US friend of the quotekeeper
David Boreanaz "I see L.A. as a beautiful blonde with dirty underwear."

David Boreanaz
(05/16/1969 – )
US actor
Victoria Davey Spelling

Howard Stern: "What is the capital of New York?"
Tori Spelling: "...New Jersey?"
(05/16/1973 – )
US actor (daughter of Aaron Spelling)
Irwin Gilbert Shamforoff "I cringe when critics say I'm a master of the popular novel. What's an unpopular novel?"

Irwin Shaw
(02/27/1913 – 05/16/1984)
US writer
Andy Kaufman "If they hadn't thrown me off, I would've been the star!"

Andy Kaufman
(01/17/1949 – 05/16/1984)
US comic, actor , as "Tony Clifton"
Megan Fox "Wonder Woman is lame. She flies around in an invisible jet, but she's not invisible. I don't get it."

Megan Fox
(05/16/1986 – )
US actor
Jim Henson "It isn't easy being green."

Kermit the Frog (Jim Henson)
(09/24/1936 – 05/16/1990)
US entertainer
Sammy Davis, Jr. "Being a star has made it possible for me to get insulted in places where the average Negro could never hope to get insulted."

Sammy Davis, Jr.
(12/08/1925 – 05/16/1990)
US entertainer
Ieoh Ming Pei "Life is architecture and architecture is the mirror of life."

I. M. Pei
(04/26/1917 – 05/16/2019)
Chinese-US architect