Laurence Sterne "Learning is the dictionary, but sense the grammar, of science."

Laurence Sterne
(11/24/1713 – 03/18/1768)
Irish-English writer
Grover Cleveland "No man has ever yet been hanged for breaking the spirit of a law."

Grover Cleveland
(03/18/1837 – 06/24/1908)
US President (22, 24)
"There once was an old man of Lyme
who married three wives at a time
when asked, 'Why a third?'
he replied 'One's absurd!
and bigamy, sir, is a crime!'"

William Cosmo Monkhouse
(03/18/1840 – 07/20/1901)
English writer
Arthur Neville Chamberlain "How horrible, fantastic, incredible, it is that we should be digging trenches and trying on gas-masks here because of a quarrel in a faraway country between people of whom we know nothing."

Neville Chamberlain
(03/18/1869 – 11/09/1940)
English PM (40)
Augustus DeMorgan "Great fleas have little fleas
upon their backs to bite 'em;
and little fleas have lesser fleas,
and so ad infinitum."

Augustus de Morgan
(06/27/1806 – 03/18/1871)
English mathematician , on the invention of the microscope, referencing Swift
Edgar Cayce "You can never lose anything that really belongs to you, and you can't keep that which belongs to someone else."

Edgar Cayce
(03/18/1877 – 01/03/1945)
US psychic
Wilfred Owen "A few, a few, too few for drums and yells,
May creep back, silent, to still village wells
Up half-known roads."

Wilfred Owen
(03/18/1893 – 11/04/1918)
English soldier, writer
Manly Palmer Hall "A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world."

Manly Hall
(03/18/1901 – 08/29/1990)
Canadian writer
George Plimpton "I don't think I'd ever get anything more than a very small role. 'The Prince of the Cameos,' they might call me."

George Plimpton
(03/18/1927 – 09/25/2003)
English actor
John Updike "A healthy adult male bore consumes each year one and a half times his own weight in other people's patience."

John Updike
(03/18/1932 – 01/27/2009)
US writer
("Rabbit, Run")
John Charles Flaugher "Dad sometimes patted me on the knee and called me his Little Schmuck."

Michael Reagan
(03/18/1945 – )
US first family (adopted son of Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman; brother of Maureen Reagan; stepson of Nancy Reagan)
Will Durst "If you're not confused, you're not paying attention."

Will Durst
(03/18/1952 – )
US comic
Luc Besson "Cinema never saved anyone's life, it is not a medicine that will save anyone's life. It is only an aspirin."

Luc Besson
(03/18/1959 – )
French director (was married to Milla Jovovich)
Dane Cook "You know you're drunk when you think that the cab fare is the time."

Dane Cook
(03/18/1972 – )
US comic
Faith Baldwin "Character builds slowly, but it can be torn down with incredible swiftness."

Faith Baldwin
(10/01/1893 – 03/18/1978)
US writer
Erich Fromm "Modern man thinks he loses something—time—when he does not do things quickly; yet he does not know what to do with the time he gains—except kill it."

Erich Fromm
(03/23/1900 – 03/18/1980)
German psychoanalyst (died near his birthday)
"One's fantasy goes for a walk and returns with a bride."

Bernard Malamud
(04/26/1914 – 03/18/1986)
US writer
Papa John Phillips "If I told you the tragedy parts, we'd all sit here and cry."

John Phillips
(08/30/1935 – 03/18/2001)
US singer, songwriter (Mamas and the Papas) (was married to Michelle Phillips) , on his band
Charles Edward Anderson Berry "I would sing the blues if I had the blues."

Chuck Berry
(10/18/1926 – 03/18/2017)
US singer, songwriter, guitarist