Aristotle "Plato is dear to me, but dearer still is truth."

(??/??/0384 – 03/07/0322 BC)
Greek philosopher
"That the saints may enjoy their beatitude and the grace of God more abundantly they are permitted to see the punishment of the damned in hell."

Saint Thomas Aquinas
(01/28/1225 – 03/07/1274)
Italian religious scholar
Luther Burbank "Man should stop fighting among themselves and start fighting insects."

Luther Burbank
(03/07/1849 – 04/11/1926)
US botanist
Mary Teresa Hopkins Norton "I'm no lady; I'm a member of Congress, and I'll proceed on that basis."

Mary Norton
(03/07/1875 – 08/02/1959)
US congressperson (NJ)
"If you would understand your own age, read the works of fiction produced in it. People in disguise speak freely."

Sir Arthur Helps
(07/10/1813 – 03/07/1875)
English writer
Willard Scott "Bryant Gumbel's ego has applied for statehood. And if it's accepted, it will be the fifth-largest."

Willard Scott
(03/07/1934 – )
US TV person
Edwin Markham "Ah, great it is to believe the dream
as we stand in youth by the starry stream;
but a greater thing is to fight life through
and say at the end, the dream is true!"

Edwin Markham
(04/23/1852 – 03/07/1940)
US writer
Tammy Faye Bakker "I take him shopping with me. I say, 'OK, Jesus, help me find a bargain.'"

Tammy Faye Bakker
(03/07/1942 – 07/20/2007)
US trailer trash, charlatan, televangelist (was married to Jim Bakker)
John Townes Van Zandt "I've met Bob Dylan's bodyguards, and if Steve Earle thinks he can stand on Bob Dylan's coffee table, he's sadly mistaken."

Townes Van Zandt
(03/07/1944 – 01/01/1997)
US singer songwriter
Percy Wyndham Lewis "'Dying for an idea,' again, sounds well enough, but why not let the idea die instead of you?"

Wyndham Lewis
(11/18/1882 – 03/07/1957)
English artist
Denyce Graves "Real poverty is the loss of imagination."

Denyce Graves
(03/07/1964 – )
US opera singer
Florence Margaret Smith "If I had been the Virgin Mary, I would have said 'No.'"

Stevie Smith
(09/20/1902 – 03/07/1971)
English writer
"It's a toss-up whether the scenery or the adornment of Marilyn Monroe is the feature of greater attraction in River of No Return. The mountainous scenery is spectacular, but so in her own way is Miss Monroe."

Bosley Crowther
(07/13/1905 – 03/07/1981)
US writer
Stanley Kubrick "I keep seeing lousy films and saying to myself, 'I don't know anything about moviemaking, but I couldn't do any worse than this'."

Stanley Kubrick
(07/26/1928 – 03/07/1999)
US director