Thomas Robert Malthus "The histories of mankind are histories only of the higher classes."

Thomas Malthus
(02/13/1766 – 12/23/1834)
English economist (image courtesy of Bridgeman Art Library)
"If only Bapu [Gandhi] knew the cost of setting him up in poverty." *

Sarojini Naidu
(02/13/1879 – 03/02/1949)
Indian activist
Richard Wagner "I write music with an exclamation point!"

Richard Wagner
(05/22/1813 – 02/13/1883)
German composer
Elizabeth Virginia Wallace Truman "I won't lock my doors or bar them either if any of the old coots in the pictures out in the hall want to come out of their frames for a friendly chat."

Bess Truman
(02/13/1885 – 10/18/1982)
US first lady (40) (was married to Harry S Truman) , on living in the White House
Grant Wood "I had to go to France to appreciate Iowa."

Grant Wood
(02/13/1891 – 02/12/1942)
US artist (died near his birthday)
Robert Houghwood Jackson "When the Supreme Court moved to Washington in 1800, it was provided with no books, which probably accounts for the high quality of early opinions."

Robert H. Jackson
(02/13/1892 – 10/09/1954)
US Supreme Court justice
"Englishwomen's shoes look as if they had been made by someone who had often heard shoes described but who had never seen any."

Margaret Halsey
(02/13/1910 – 02/04/1997)
English writer
Ernest Jennings Ford "He started out at the bottom, and sort of likes it there."

Tennessee Ernie Ford
(02/13/1919 – 10/17/1991)
US singer
Charles Elwood Yeager "Rules are made for people who aren't willing to make up their own."

Chuck Yeager
(02/13/1923 – )
US test pilot
"Canada Post doesn't really charge 32 cents for a stamp. It's 2 cents for postage, and 30 cents for storage." *

Gerald Regan
(02/13/1928 – 11/26/2019)
Canadian premier
Marilyn Pauline Novak "For every answer, I like to bring up a question. Maybe I'm related to Alfred Hitchcock or maybe I got to know him too well, but I think life should be that way."

Kim Novak
(02/13/1933 – )
US actor
Peter Halsten Thorkelson "You should be a hero to yourself. If you're not... check it out."

Peter Tork
(02/13/1942 – 02/21/2019)
US musician (Monkees)
Peter Gabriel "Artists everywhere steal mercilessly all the time and I think this is healthy."

Peter Gabriel
(02/13/1950 – )
English singer
Elizabeth MacKintosh "In hospitals there is no time off for good behavior."

Josephine Tey
(07/25/1896 – 02/13/1952)
Scottish writer
Henry Lawrence Garfield "Musicians should not play music. Music should play musicians."

Henry Rollins
(02/13/1961 – )
US singer, songwriter
Mena Suvari "It's nice when people want your autograph, but it's a little strange because I never expected it. I still kind of think, 'Oh, who am I?"

Mena Suvari
(02/13/1979 – )
US actor
Waylon Jennings "There's always one more way to do something: Your way."

Waylon Jennings
(06/15/1937 – 02/13/2002)
US musician
Antonin Scalia "In a big family, the first child is kind of like the first pancake. If it's not perfect, that's okay, there are a lot more coming along."

Antonin Scalia
(03/11/1936 – 02/13/2016)
US Supreme Court justice