"As if a woman of education bought things because she wanted 'em."

John Vanbrugh
(01/24/1664 – 03/26/1726)
English architect, writer ("The Relapse")
"I always take blushing either for a sign of guilt, or of ill breeding."

William Congreve
(01/24/1670 – 01/19/1729)
English writer ("The Way of the World")
(died near his birthday)
King Frederick II "A crown is merely a hat that lets the rain in."

King Frederick II the Great
(01/24/1712 – 08/17/1786)
Prussian royalty
"It is not necessary to understand things in order to argue about them."

Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais
(01/24/1732 – 05/18/1799)
French polymath ("The Barber of Seville or the Useless Precaution")
Edith Wharton "Mrs. Ballinger is one of the ladies who pursue Culture in bands, as though it were dangerous to meet it alone."

Edith Wharton
(01/24/1862 – 08/11/1937)
US writer ("The Age of Innocence")
Estelle Ruth Goodwin "No comment. I saw her once at her very worst. I do not condone sadism."

Estelle Winwood
(01/24/1883 – 06/20/1984)
US actor ("Murder by Death") , on Joan Crawford
Hedwig Baum "Marriage always demands the finest arts of insincerity possible between two human beings."

Vicki Baum
(01/24/1888 – 08/29/1960)
Austrian-US writer ("Grand Hotel")
Robert Motherwell "To end up with a canvas that is no less beautiful than the empty canvas is to begin with."

Robert Motherwell
(01/24/1915 – 07/16/1991)
US artist ("Untitled") , purpose
Ermes Effron Borgnino "I think we all have the urge to be a clown, whether we know it or not."

Ernest Borgnine
(01/24/1917 – 07/08/2012)
US actor ("Marty")
Granville Oral Roberts "Well, I can't figure out God."

Oral Roberts
(01/24/1918 – 12/15/2009)
US televangelist
"Clearly, then, the city is not a concrete jungle, it is a human zoo."

Desmond Morris
(01/24/1928 – )
English zoologist, writer ("The Naked Ape")
Neil Diamond "I think I need to be married. Having a wife and family makes some sense out of all that I do, because I can't make any sense out of 20,000 adoring fans watching me for two hours."

Neil Diamond
(01/24/1941 – )
US singer, songwriter ("Sweet Caroline")
Sharon Tate "Sexiness is all in the eye of the beholder. I think it should be. Absolutely. My sex appeal, whatever it might be, isn't obvious... at least to me."

Sharon Tate
(01/24/1943 – 08/09/1969)
US actor ("Valley of the Dolls")
(was married to Roman Polanski)
Warren Zevon "I'm OK with it, but it'll be a drag if I don't make it till the next James Bond movie comes out."

Warren Zevon
(01/24/1947 – 09/07/2003)
US singer, songwriter ("Werewolves of London") , on his terminal lung cancer; he lived to see "Die Another Day"
"I never said I had no idea about most of the things you said I had no idea about."

Elliott Abrams
(01/24/1948 – )
US lawyer, politician ("Democracy: How Direct?: Views from the Founding Era and the Polling Era")
John Belushi "I owe it all to little chocolate donuts."

John Belushi
(01/24/1949 – 03/05/1982)
US comic, actor (SNL)
Gennifer Flowers "They don't have a page that broad."

Gennifer Flowers
(01/24/1950 – )
US presidential girlfriend , on the prospect of Hillary Clinton baring her rear in a magazine
Julian Miles Holland "I'm actually quite a decent chap, and the rest of the group are wankers."

Jools Holland
(01/24/1958 – )
English singer, songwriter (Squeeze), talk show host ("Take Me I'm Yours") , on his bandmates
Nastassja Kinski "Actors, after all, dream."

Nastassja Kinski
(01/24/1961 – )
German actor ("Tess")
(daughter of Klaus Kinski)
Winston Churchill "I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter."

Winston Churchill
(11/30/1874 – 01/24/1965)
English Prime Minister (41) ("A History of the English-Speaking Peoples")
(son of Jennie Jerome Churchill)
Louis Feinberg "Personally, I thought Curly was the greatest because he was a natural comedian who had no formal training. Whatever he did he made up on the spur of the moment."

Larry Fine
(10/05/1902 – 01/24/1975)
US comic, actor, violinist, boxer (The Three Stooges)
"A person is either the effect of his environment or is able to have an effect upon his environment."

L. Ron Hubbard
(03/13/1911 – 01/24/1986)
US writer ("Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health")
Thurgood Marshall "Sometimes history takes things into its own hands."

Thurgood Marshall
(07/02/1908 – 01/24/1993)
US Supreme Court Justice
Pernell Roberts "I distinguished myself by flunking out of college three times."

Pernell Roberts
(05/18/1928 – 01/24/2010)
US actor ("Trapper John, M.D.")
Marvin Minsky "In general we are least aware of what our minds do best."

Marvin Minsky
(08/09/1927 – 01/24/2016)
US computer scientist ("The Emotion Machine: Commonsense Thinking, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of the Human Mind")