Walter Raleigh "In an examination, those who do not wish to know ask questions of those who cannot tell."

Sir Walter Raleigh
(01/22/1552? – 10/29/1618)
English explorer ("The Historie of the World, In Five Bookes")
Francis Bacon "Silence is the virtue of fools."

Francis Bacon
(01/22/1561 – 04/09/1626)
English writer ("Novum Organum")
"I am a little world made cunningly
Of elements, and an angelic sprite."

John Donne
(01/22/1572 – 03/31/1631)
English writer ("Devotions upon Emergent Occasions")
Gotthold Lessing "He who doesn't lose his wits over certain things has no wits to lose."

Gotthold Lessing
(01/22/1729 – 02/15/1781)
German dramatist ("Miss Sara Sampson")
George Gordon Byron "I have great hopes that we shall love each other all our lives as much as if we had never married at all."

Lord Byron
(01/22/1788 – 04/19/1824)
English writer ("Childe Harold's Pilgrimage")
(father of Ada Lovelace; a bit of a fling with Lady Caroline Lamb)
August Strindberg "I loathe people who keep dogs. They are cowards who haven't got the guts to bite people themselves."

August Strindberg
(01/22/1849 – 05/14/1912)
Swedish writer ("The Red Room")
Martha Beatrice Potter "So much perfection argues rottenness somewhere."

Beatrice Webb
(01/22/1858 – 04/30/1943)
English sociologist, economist ("Women and the Factory Acts")
(aunt of Kitty Muggeridge)
George Denison Prentice "A bare assertion is not necessarily the naked truth."

George D. Prentice
(12/18/1802 – 01/22/1870)
US writer ("Prenticeana, or Wit and Humor in Paragraphs")
David Llewelyn Wark Griffith "I made them see, didn't I? I changed everything."

D. W. Griffith
(01/22/1875 – 07/23/1948)
US director ("The Birth of a Nation (originally called The Clansman)")
Francis Picabia "A new gadget that lasts only five minutes is worth more than an immortal work that bores everyone."

Francis Picabia
(01/22/1879 – 11/30/1953)
French artist ("Conversation I")
"If Moses had gone to Harvard Law School and spent three years working on the Hill, he would have written The Ten Commandments with three exceptions and a saving clause."

Charles Langbridge Morgan
(01/22/1894 – 02/06/1958)
English writer ("The Burning Glass")
Queen Victoria "The Queen is most anxious to enlist every one who can speak or write to join in checking this mad, wicked folly of 'Woman's Rights,' with all its attendant horrors, on which her poor feeble sex is bent..."

Queen Victoria
(05/24/1819 – 01/22/1901)
Queen of England
(mother of King Edward VII, grandmother of Queen Marie of Romania)
"If your desk isn't cluttered, you probably aren't doing your job."

Harold S. Geneen
(01/22/1910 – 11/21/1997)
English businessman (ITT) ("The Synergy Myth and Other Ailments of Business Today")
"Petite, pretty, and deadly as an asp."

Howard Teichmann
(01/22/1916 – 07/07/1987)
US writer ("The Girls in 509") , on Dorothy Parker
"Three-fourths of the mistakes a man makes are made because he does not really know what he thinks he knows."

James Bryce
(05/10/1838 – 01/22/1922)
Irish writer, diplomat ("The Hindrances to Good Citizenship")
"A caress is better than a career."

Elisabeth Marbury
(06/19/1856 – 01/22/1933)
US literary and theatrical agent ("Manners: A handbook of social customs")
Graham Kerr "A squid, as you know of course, has ten testicles."

Graham Kerr
(01/22/1934 – )
English chef ("THe Galloping Gourmet")
"Fair is for games."

Nancy J. Robinson
(01/22/???? – )
US computing pioneer, systems analyst, and quotekeeper's mom
John Hurt "Acting is an imaginative leap, really, isn't it? And imaginations prosper in different circumstances."

Sir John Hurt
(01/22/1940 – 01/25/2017)
English actor ("The Elephant Man")
(died near his birthday)
"Come again when you can't stay so long."

Walter Richard Sickert
(05/31/1860 – 01/22/1942)
German-English painter ("The Acting Manager or Rehearsal: The End of the Act, (portrait of Helen Carte)")
Malcolm McLaren "Stealing things is a glorious occupation, particularly in the art world."

Malcolm McLaren
(01/22/1946 – 04/08/2010)
English entrepreneur
(also see Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious)
Lyndon Baines Johnson "It's probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside pissing in."

Lyndon Baines Johnson
(08/27/1908 – 01/22/1973)
US President (36), Vice President (37) , on J. Edgar Hoover
(was married to "Lady Bird" Johnson)
Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy "Life isn't a matter of milestones but of moments."

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy
(07/22/1890 – 01/22/1995)
US royalty
(was married to Joseph P., mother of John, Robert, and Teddy Kennedy)
"You know we all became mathematicians for the same reason: we were lazy." *

Maxwell Rosenlicht
(04/15/1924 – 01/22/1999)
US mathematician, professor
William Henry Mauldin "The surest way to become a pacifist is to join the infantry."

William H. Mauldin
(10/29/1921 – 01/22/2003)
US cartoonist ("Back Home")
Johnnie Lucille Collier "I was the brassy, good-hearted showgirl. I never really had my big moment on the screen."

Ann Miller
(04/12/1923 – 01/22/2004)
US actor, dancer, singer ("On the Town")
Heathcliff Andrew Ledger "We had a good sense of humor about it, because we knew what we were holding on to and how it was going to exceed expectations and [labels]. We weren't running around naked in chaps swinging pink guns in the air. We knew that, and we found it funny that no one else did."

Heath Ledger
(04/04/1979 – 01/22/2008)
Australian actor ("The Dark Knight") , on filming Brokeback Mountain
(was partner with Naomi Watts)
"Act like you expect to get into the end zone."

Joe Paterno
(12/21/1926 – 01/22/2012)
US football coach
Ursula K. Le Guin "It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end."

Ursula K. Le Guin
(10/21/1929 – 01/22/2018)
US writer ("The Left Hand of Darkness")
Hank Aaron "You can only milk a cow so long, and then you're left holding the pail."

Hank Aaron
(02/05/1934 – 01/22/2021)
US baseball player